Imagemagick on CentOS and Plesk

root@server ~]# yum install ImageMagick [root@server ~]# yum install ImageMagick-devel PHP-imagick Installation: [root@server ~]# yum install gcc [root@server ~]# yum install make automake [root@server ~]# yum install php-pear [root@server ~]# yum install php-devel [root@server ~]# pecl install imagick On some servers yum install php-pecl-imagick.x86_64 Test: convert image.jpg -resize 64×64 resize_image.jpg

Disabling Recursive DNS in the Plesk Panel and No Panels

To Disable Recursive DNS in the Parallels Plesk Panel Log in to the Parallels Plesk Panel as administrator. Click Tools & Settings. From the General Settings area, click DNS Template Settings. Click DNS Recursion.Select Localnets, and then click Ok. For Windows Servers: Log in to your  Server  through a RemoteRead More…